Thursday, June 3, 2010

Asthma - How to Live with it

Asthma as all know is not curable but with proper long time cure can be prevented with a proper plan of action. 
Always have an action plan ready for asthma in terms of how frequent are the attacks, what causes the attacks, emergency numbers handy so that one can connect in case of a sudden attack. This can help you in managing your asthma along with your regular checkups with your family doctor or specialist. Take proper medicines and how to use it to the best effective manner to show its effect. As I have seen people who take inhalers but in a wrong manner due to which its effect does not show.
Regularly take your Peak flow meters test and keep a close track on the rise or fall in the readings. Keep close track of what triggers asthma by making note of it and informing your doctor accordingly which will help him treat you accordingly.
Asthma is not only caused by environmental factors there are also other factors like tension, stress, family fights which can be avoided try to be happy which can avoid asthma attacks.
Keep track of following things that can help manage your asthma

  • How often do you get attacks and in what scenarios.
  • Do you get tired frequently with body aches or skip work,school because of this.
  • If medication offered y doctor is not effective please inform him immediately so that he can change it.
  • Your peak flow meter readings are decreasing regularly it is an alarming sign contact your doctor.
  • When the frequency of inhalers increase.
Any of these symptoms if occurs needs to be treated immediately or it might lead to a serious attack which may be fatal. So take care with proper medication which in long term will subside your asthma and manage it in a better way.


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